Erik Nicollet: Music Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, Singer

Creator of Vibratory Music® and Producer (432Hz)

Prisca: Intuitive Artist in Olfaction & Sound

Erik Nicollet International Artist grew up in Tahiti and lived for many years between New Caledonia and Australia. Erik skilfully improvises around the world each "olfactory concerts" through his musics and several acoustic instruments custom-designed at the 432 Hertz frequency by providing a powerful therapeutic imprint. His music,  totally unique and singular, captivated by an intimate and universal dimension an ever wider and eclectic audience around the world: "His sounds resonated with everyone's soul"


"VIBRATORY MUSIC®" is a registered trademark at the INPI.
No musical genre as genre, no tradition as a tradition, no formation as a formation, no reference as a reference .Through his creativity, unclassifiable artist, erik encourages to embody his singularity and  expressing fully without reference framework or compromise, the pure creative potential of each: In another words: "Being Oneself"
Musician with 30 years of experience, singer and producer. He perceives from an early age the sounds in color and perfume (synesthesia).


Self taught playing on more than 100 "customised vibratory instruments"  at the 432 Hz pitch (frequency in harmony with nature) with his mystical songs, Erik with Prisca passionately performes their music through their olfactory concerts (festivals, shows, congresses etc.). ..) Multi-faceted artist, Erik is also a painter, graphic designer and director.

As a vegan bodybuilder, Erik encourages during his concerts in "odorama" to find a holistic lifestyle in harmony with the universal laws of life .

Prisca  started as a model (in New Caledonia and Australia). As an intuitive artist in olfactory and sound diffusion, she grew up in New Caledonia. As a couple their "sacred alchemy" fully imbues their olfactory concerts that they share throughout the world. The public testifies to each benefits. The most recurrent qualifier: "It was Divine !!"

Because of the internet (social networks, platforms etc ...)  Erik's music is known all over the world and hundreds of therapists, yoga and wellness professionals use his Vibratory Music © in 432hz to optimize  effectiveness of their care and practices. Some directors of: (movies, video games) use his music for the emotional and visual dimension that generates his sounds ...

In 2017 encouraged by several people who have experienced their olfactory concerts, Erik released the first album of Musique Vibratoire® in 432 Hz co-produced by Yoginanda.

In 2018 on the occasion of the release of her 2nd album "Feminine Sacred" recorded at the studio HighSonix Productions, (Prisca is on the cover as a Pacific goddess), they founded their own "Vibratory Music Label 432hz". Adults and especially children are very receptive to the sounds of this album.

In early 2019 After a successful tour in Canada, for the genesis of his 3nrd "ALLIANCE", Erik conceives the "organic synthesis". Sounds of electronic synthesizers will be replaced by live sounds resulting from his synthesis in direct resonance with the body and Nature. The feedbacks do not wait, those who have experienced the album testify to the magnitude of the meditative states that it generates inducing a therapeutic impact to the hollow of the human cell.





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                  "You will live an original experience:" Smell the Sounds and Listen to the Perfumes "
Erik Nicollet & Prisca international artists invite you to a unique and immersive multi-sensory experience that will transport you from "telluric universes" to "stellar worlds", "invisible dimensions" by stopping over in "ancient civilizations". While Prisca diffuses natural fragrances in synergy with the sounds, come to discover the mystical and bewitching  Erik's voice mixed with his "vibratory instruments of the world" calibrated to the tuning forks 432hz (frequency in harmony with the nature): Hang, tubular harp, Egyptian flute, Persian and Native American flute, Inca pan flute etc ...
At once mysterious and mesmerizing, their olfactory concerts are:
"immobile trips."
The unique experience offered by the olfactory concert creates a " pure being consciousness"
Their music and fragrances, intimate and also universal have mesmerized an increasingly wide and eclectic audience around the world: "Their sounds & fragrances resonate with each soul"

This immobile and multi-sensory journey relies on the deprivation of the visual dimension. Visual dimenssion over-solicited, is a source of stress by stimulating the mind ...

Erik Nicollet gently plays his many acoustic instruments of the world tuned to the frequency 432 Hertz and rock you with his mystical and mysterious voice.

The natural scents of Prisca are diffused in this relaxing musical cocoon. Ecstasy...




4 Olfactory Concerts in Canada

January 11 at 7:30 pm in Montreal

January 12 at 7:30 pm in Deux-Montagne

January 17th at 7:30 pm in Saint Jerome

January 18 at 7:30 pm in Montreal

 Online booking :




4 Olfactory Concerts in Canada

January 11 at 7:30 pm in Montreal

January 12 at 7:30 pm in Deux-Montagne

January 17th at 7:30 pm in Saint Jerome

January 18 at 7:30 pm in Montreal

 Online booking :



June 1 at 7 pm Olfactory Concert
Online price: 22 €
Price on site: 27 €
In the auditorium Gérard Philipe at La Garde

July 26 at 8 pm Olfactory Concert

Price: 25 € Booking with Cécile: 0603410849
Maison des Associations 26230 ROUSSAS

November 22 at 7pm Olfactory Concert

Price : 25€ Booking with Muriel : 0608163393

Room "la méduse" domaine de l'Artaude, chemin de la Cibonne Le Pradet







May 5th at 4 pm Olfactory Concert
Price: 30 € Registration: 0682638214
1203 les hauts de Resty St Maximin

May 19 at 7:30 pm Concert at the "Chaman Re-Connexion" Festival
La Chute du Grand Baou route de Carcès  83143 Le Val
Contact: 0785659620

June 1 at 7:30 pm Price: € 40 Duo concert with Fabienne Satinka
with ethnic appetizer and vegetarian meal
at Zero Gravity 387 av. Peymian LA CIOTAT
Registration on:

June 16 at 8 pm Rate: € 20 Registration: 0682638214
Salle la Pépinière 661 vieux chemin d'Hyères la Garde

September 2 at 7 pm Rate: € 15 registration: 06 50 65 68 03/07 85 65 96 20
La Voix de l’Âme 42 allée des rossignols Forcalqueiret

October 19 at 7 pm Rate: € 20 Registration: 0608163393
Room "la méduse" domaine de l'Artaude, chemin de la Cibonne Le Pradet

November 18 at 17:30 Price: 20 € Room "Sama" at the Zenith of Toulon
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Interview for the release of the album "Feminine Sacred" at Studio HighSonix Productions

Interview for the release of the album "Feminine Sacred" at Studio HighSonix Productions

The awakening of the senses by the vibrations

"Un Monde En Musique" : "Féminin Sacré - Erik Nicollet" - I promised you the interview ... Here, the musical journey is ready for you, exclusively on 432Hz Radio the whole album

The last issue of July of "Un Monde en Musique" will receive Erik Nicollet for a particularly soothing interview, which will take you to the depths of traditional instruments with his Musique Vibratoire®.

To listen to the show again, visit:


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